Monday, February 18, 2013

A few days late

But here are the pics of the fabrics my friend Cassie sent me :D

PTP - Crystal Jazz - 28ct Cashel - 18x27


SMF - Ice Pop - 28ct lugana - 18x27

These are the fabrics I am thinking of for the new Mirabilia "Siren and the Shipwreck"

Silkweaver - Solo - 32 count lugana - 18x27 (very close to Jungle Boogie)

Colours of the Outback - Sea Breeze - 28 count Opal Linen - 18 x 26

Polstitches - Taboo - 32 count opal linen - 18 x 27

Your thoughts are appreciated :D  (Although I won't get to stitch her for awhile as I have quite a few obligation pieces to get done :D)  My favourites are the first two, but I haven't got floss to do a toss yet




Karen said...

My darned comment disappeared. Stupid phone.

Lovely fabbies from Cassie! I have two pieces of the coveted SMF, one of which is Ice Pop. Love it!

I think a floss toss is definitely in order, but I'm leaning toward the Taboo.

Cole said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous fabrics!

StitchCat said...

I have Solo in my stash. Quite a nice colour really.

Zurainny Ismail said...

Well, you're so lucky! If I get these lovely fabrics, I wouldn't know what to do with them - too precious to stitch on! :D

Colours of the Outback said...

I like sea breeze but I am biased! I'm trying out a couple of colours for shipwreck this week. Hopefully they work. All the fabby is gorgeous!

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