Monday, February 11, 2013

A little fabric

Well I had an idea.....

I thought I'd post a pic of a hand dyed a day (well when I get the chance) and you guys can give me suggestions of what could go on it :D

Sounds like fun to me :D

I will also start  a new tab with the pics in there and any suggestions given - or if I have picked a project for the piece :D

Todays piece is.........

Drum Roll Please :D

Sailors Delight - 28 count Opal Linen from Stephs Fabbys 18x26"

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  :D




Lisa M said...

ahem... draws a deep breath...
Mirabilia: Titiana, Petal Fairy, Lilly of the Woods, Caring Wings, Touching the Autumn Sky,
Joan Elliott: Lily Fairy, Rose Fairy, Butterfly Fairy. It's a very pretty 'sky' fabric hence all the fairies!!

Annie said...

I'm with Lisa M on this one! Any of the Joan Elliott or Mirabilias that have blues and/or purples would look amazing on this fabric.

Andie said...

Thanks for all the great ideas!! :D