Friday, February 08, 2013

Hello Friend :D

Yes, yes your right, I do watch too much Little Bill :D

Well all my children are now back at school, so life returns to normal (well as normal as we get) after our Christmas/Summer holidays.

I'm hoping to get back into regular blogging, I really do miss it so I hope I still have some followers around and other fellow bloggers.  At the moment I plan to post every Friday :D


Wade has finished high school and is taking a gap year to save money for University.  He has decided to become a primary school teacher and play music on the side.  I must admit to being very relieved that he has chosen a career direction instead of just "going to be a famous musicain" phew *wipes brow*

Tarissa has just started her final year of high school.  She was super excited to be going back, she loves school *scratches head* dunno how she can be my child ;)

Christian has started his first year with important exams (there are 3 years of them here, the last one is only if you want to go to Uni) so he has one more year after this one as he plans to leave after year 12.

Gabrielle started year 6, she is very much missing her teacher from last year whom she adored.

Bethany started school this year (waaaaahhhhh my baby!)  Her teacher is lovely and great with wee kiddies and she has a really small class with just 11 children :D

Aliyah is the last one still at home with me during the day!  She has kindy 3 afternoons a week, but she isn't very keen to go, so this week has only gone once!  I'm hoping that she will settle back in, her cousin starts next week as well so that might calm her down about staying.

Mike isn't very happy in his job, I'm not sure if its cause of the people he is working with or just feeling (as I did a wee while ago)  that his life has no purpose or direction.  We continue to pray and work through this.

Me, well theres not much to say really, I think I'm pretty boring :D  I joined the FotM at Stephs Fabbys (which are gorgeous) even though I definetly don't need any more stash lol.


I have been stitching, which may surprise you since I have no pics!

I just finished my first model stitching job for Tatiana at Cross Stitching Art.  Tatianas designs are beautiful and I adore the one I just finished!  I might have to stitch it for me as well :D
No pictures yet but I have some to share for when Tatiana releases it.  I can't wait to show you and tell you my favourite part :D

Tatiana paid me yesterday and my goodness what a nice feeling to know I can contribute to my families finances in some small way!

I am half to three quarters through the stitching on the square I am stitching on Jo's large Mira RR, I plan to get it finished before Tatiana sends me a new piece to stitch for her :D

I also started Queen Mermaid, this is a gift for my niece for her birthday next year.  I also have to get Gabrielles for next year done :D  So I need to get off Facebook and Farmville lol

Well thats all for now.... pics next week (or sooner, depending on how long it takes Tatiana to release after she recieves a piece.... guess I will find out lol)




Lisa M said...

Lovely to see you blogging again Andie. It's fantastic that Wade wants to be a teacher and I'm sure with his credentials as an older brother he will be a natural. I can't wait to see the model you stitched :)

McKenna C. said...

Hello! Your blog is lovely! It's so neat to read about you and your children. :)


Karen said...

Missed you here. Glad things are good with the kiddies. Looking forward to seeing your stitchy pix!

Bernice said...

Beautiful update, can't wait to see your stitching pics.I remember a post from another site you posted about being lost on Facebook? Haha looks like you found your way around, FarmVille etc.

StitchCat said...

Dear Andie, you inspire me and always have done. Raising that beautiful family of yours...being a beautiful wife to Mike and dedicated mum to your 6 lovely children. Your stitching is an example of the patience and hard work you put into your day to day life. The years we have known each other through online stitching, I think we have shared so much. And we have just been out of reach of living close - first the Waikato, then the West Coast and the South Canterbury. I was yet again excited to find out you were shifting to Timaru, and then we moved from Twizel, over to the West Coast from where you had just come.
I shared your joys of meeting Mike, your wedding and the birth of your younger children. You shared the problems I had over my married 'career', shifting all the time, leaving friends, feeling lonely. We shared some of the same children/ex husband issues. You shared my cancer story...and supported me there by collecting up all the stash for me, all those years ago, and now its returned. We have stitched each other gifts and been on secret stitching friends things together. I still have the beautiful green and pink fob you made for me, on show...i just love it to bits.
You are a strong and beautiful woman Andie, with your strong faith and the grace to hold yourself proud.
I do love you Andie and are so proud that you have been in my life.
Stay strong my friend.
Love alway Maggie xxxx

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