Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In todays news ....

Well this morning I put Bethany on the school bus for the first time :(   I am sure she will be fine as she is with Gabrielle, and she was so excited! 
Since she started school at the beginning of term I have been driving her and Gabrielle to school *sigh* she just seems too little to be at school.  But she loves it!
To start with I plan for Bethany to just catch the bus to school and I will pick them up after, I'm thinking it won't be very long until she is begging to catch the bus home too......

Today I signed up to participate in the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) I have not participated for quite sometime!

I plan to join in with Queen Mermaid, who is barely started

Heres a pic:

See, barely started :D  She is on Cosmos, opal linen from Polstitches

Here also is my fabric of the day :D  Thanks so much everyone for suggesting patterns for them, they are great ideas and some I would not have thought of :D

Colours of the Outback - May Joey -  28ct opal lugana 17x26

I adore this piece!  Cassies gave it to me for my birthday (I think it was my birthday lol)

I was so sad that Mel didn't keep on dyeing fabrics, but totally understand!

I did think maybe Junes Pearl Fairy for this piece?  Or Peony Garden?  What do you think would look good?




Karen said...

That's so funny. Even before I scrolled down to see your ideas, I thought "June's Pearl Fairy" for that fabric. I guess great minds think alike. (As do sick minds.)

StitchCat said...

I have just joined up for IHSW...seeing my main aim in life and about all I can do is stitch. I love May Joey...what a gorgeous vibrant colour.

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