Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well its been one of those weeks

And todays only Tuesday!!  (For me anyway)

Aliyah does not like things changing and this year.....
Bethany has gone to school
Her favourite kindy teacher has left
Her second favourite kindy teacher is cutting back her hours for health reasons and isn't there as often.
Afternoon tea has changed, instead of taking their own they are now taking a fruit/vege to share

She has not been happy!  Yesterday I left her screaming and crying!!  UGH!!  I hate that!!  Today she wasn't keen but at least I got to leave without the screaming and crying :(

My eldest son asked me to get in contact with his biological parent and see if it would be ok to contact him.  Which I did over a week ago.  He finally contacted me with some questions and I am feeling all out of sorts.  Now please don't blame the poor guy, I made some silly mistakes which I totally own up to.  But not here cause I feel so bad about the stupid things I did when I was 20, scared and dumb....

On the plus side!

A lady I know from the yuku boards was having a FB sale, I bought some of her items, some SMF's and two Chatelaine kits.  They were a total bargain, truely they were!  And if I remind myself of this often enough I hope to stave off the guilt from spending so much money!  I will share pics when they arrive :D

Todays fabric photo is:

Polstitches - Limited Edition - Moonrise - 28 count Opal Linen - 18 x 27

Thanks for your suggestions on yesterdays fabric :D




Karen said...

Sorry Aliyah is having a tough time of it. She'll sort herself out soon. Meredith only cried for about 3 days for me.

Those SMFs are so hard to find. I'm glad you got a couple, and a great deal, too.

My thoughts for this fabric are: Joan Elliott Summer Geisha or Dragonfly Fairy; or PR Morning Fae.

Andie said...

Thanks Karen for the ideas :D I love the idea of PR's Morning Fae, I will have to check what size she is :D

Lisa M said...

Another pretty fabric. It can go so many ways. I look at it and get a witchy/haloweeny/mythical feel to it and needs a design with movement in it. However it also feels 'earthy' too.
And then just to go completly off track I wonder how Roses of Provence would look on it?! same colours-ish

StitchCat said...

Its Ok Andie...stash buying is good for the soul xx

Joysze said...

Hope all goes with with oldest son and his biological dad. We all make mistakes, but it's how you overcome and deal with them later that matters. Sounds like you're handling it well. :) *hugs*

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