Monday, April 22, 2013

Well what a stressful time

its been!

Tarissa has had more health problems?  I'm not sure if I told you all about the gluten issue she now has but that took several weeks to diagnoise, and then there was the gastroscopy...... she wasn't happy about that!  Then we had a week of everything being ok and THEN she found a painful lump in her breast (shes 17) so I was quietly freaking out while trying to downplay it for her.  We went to the Dr and then waited a week and a half for an appointment for a scan (which is pretty quick for here), it was decided *phew* that it was normal (don't know how thats supposed to be but anyway) but she has a follow up appointment to make sure everything is ok.

Mike has also been away quite a bit for work, and let me tell you, being a temporary single parent with six kids is not fun!  Even with some of them older, they still require me running around after them and taking them to sport practice etc.
Also, I know it sounds silly but I only get a few hours of sleep when he is away, so I end up totally exhausted!
He is away again in a week or so, so I am trying to finish up this model while he is home lol

Karen from My Stitchy Ramblings stitched her block on my Mira large stitch round robin and I absolutely LOVE it!!

I'm thinking this RR is going to look fab when it comes home :D

Here is the pic Karen shared

Karen stitched Sleeping Princess :D

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Tracy J said...

Your rr looks amazing.

I understand how you feel about hubby being away. I am lost without mine when he is away also.

Catherine said...


Lisa M said...

I'm so glad everything with Tarissa is ok. I also hate it when The Fiance (yes we are engaged!) is on work trips. I do eventually do get into a routine but it still sucks. I feel like I don't talk to anyone because he's the one I tell everything - everyone else gets a filtered version lol.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Does Tarissa have coeliac disease? My third has it - was diagnosed at a year old. It does mean cooking for a large family (we 'only' have five) is difficult, but we've managed it OK now for 15 years"

StitchCat said...

Your Mira RR will look amazing when it is all finished Andie.
Poor Tarissa...stressful enough time in her life without all the health bits and pieces. Thinking and praying for you all.
Hugs to you Andie
Maggie xx

Joysze said...

Oh Andie, I'm sorry to hear about all you and T has gone through. So glad to hear that everything checked out ok with T.

Hugs and keep well.

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