Thursday, May 16, 2013

Saphys Return

Well I am torturing myself on my DH's netbook, our personal computer is pretty dead :(  I have mostly been using my phone for the internet lately :(

Well guess what?!  I decided to pull out a wip to stitch on, I chose Septembers Sapphire Fairy :D

I wasn't sure if I had a before pic so snapped this quick one

As you can see not the best pic, but you get the idea

This is as of today :D

I hope you can tell I got a heap done :D  Including most of that beading!

I'm hoping for a Happy Dance by this time next week :D

After Saphy is done I am going to stitch my part on Julies RR, then I intend to rotate weekly between two pieces, an obligation piece and a current wip of my own :D  Joyce must be being a bad influence, getting these wips done!  lol

I am waiting for Tatiana to recieve and release the model I recently did for her and then I will share that gorgeous beauty with you!

Aliyah has returned to kindy, after a term off.  She cries and screams when I leave but they tell me she settles quickly and when I pick her up she tells me how wonderful it was!  I feel so bad leaving her though!  *sigh*

I hurt my back again this week :(  Its not very pleasant but does mean I get lots of stitching done, especially with the munchkin at kindy in the mornings.

Tarissa attended her Year 13 ball on the weekend.  She planned and paid for everything herself and I was very proud of her, I think she looked fantastic!

Here are a couple of pics

This is Tarissa and her boyfriend Nathan (taken at Nates house)

Here is Tarissa, me and Nathan - I wouldn't normally put up a pic of me but what the heck!!
There are some better ones by the professional photographer but I can't find the one I wanted lol

Hope your all good!




Sarah said...

Lovely stitching Andie and even lovelier daughter!

Andie said...

Awww thanks Sarah! :D

Lisa M said...

Hi Andie - the no computer thing is working out for you talk about smokin needles! Maybe I should put away the computer for a week and see what happens?! Your daughter is gorgeous all dressed up for the ball - I really like the detail on her dress and how it closely matched her necklace and earings - very cool!

Grit said...

Your stitching is wonderful.
Beautiful pictures from Tarissa and her boyfriend.
Grit from Germany

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