Friday, June 21, 2013

The Bad Blogger Award

Goes to me!!  :)

Although I just found the app for my iPhone, that my awesome family got me for my birthday :)

I have stitched quite a bit :)

I finished (except for 4 beads) my section on Julie's round robin.

My section 

The whole piece

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece!

I am rotating at the moment and just finished a slot on Rose Fairy (Cross Stitching Art)


I had done a bit more than this


I have now picked up Queen Mermaid.

Tatiana is working her magic and getting the chart ready then I can show you the last model I stitched.

Well this app seems pretty easy to use so I'm sure to see you again soon!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Absolutely stunning stitching!

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