Sunday, July 07, 2013

Queen Mermaid Update

Well there's not much to see really, my mojo has been seriously lacking.... In fact I've had lots of problems with it this year.

Here's my pic though

Hopefully next time I stitch on her I will do better!

Moving onto Gabrielle's Lady of the Mist now :)




Lesleyanne said...

She is looking lovely.

Rachel said...

She looks beautiful!

Stitching Angel said...

hi love your stitching hope you don't mind me putting you on my blog list at let me know if you do and thanks

chicago.mermaid said...

Wow! You have her on such a beautiful fabric! I think you have a wonderful family :) I enjoy seeing photos of all your cute children. I also love reading your blog!

Tammy said...

I've had a lot of problems this year too Andie-not a club I like being in! But I'm coming out of it. Your stitching is gorgeous and that is one of my favorite Mira patterns. I hope you feel like working on it again soon!

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