Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wow what a week!!

Well actually a few few weeks!!

My son Christian (17) spent a night in A&E  then had his appendix out the next day.

All 3 of the girls then got a nasty case of the flu and we had to take a week off school.

This week things are back to normal.  I've started a knitting project for the meanings during school time.

This is for Aliyah.  After this I plan to make the same one for Bethany in that chocolate brown.

Here is my stitching from several weeks ago.  Sorry for taking so long to share a pic.  I didn't get much done.

But I love her so far :)

I also started Charelaines Summer Mystery but I didn't get much done before the flu hit.

I'm taking part in a NZ rr, my first piece took forever to arrive then when it finally did the next piece came the next day ;-P lol so I'm busy stitching in those for now :)

Thanks for stopping by.




Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear all were sick.
That sweater is gorgeous!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Drama in your house, hope they are all better soon.
The postage time is the downside to RRs, I would have thought that an NZ based one would be better though.

phann son said...

You are coming along really well on this...great progress on this one. Love the colors.

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