Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Goals

This year I plan to blog a lot more regularly!  Our computer is getting fixed and my daughter loaned (I say gave) me her camera  so I'm still on my phone but as soon as the computer is back I will upload better (hopefully) photos

My stitching goals for this year are:

Minimal starts!  Except for my guilt free January start, I plan to only start obligation pieces.  And finish some wips

I went through all my wips and I have 43!

My GFJ start is Sunrise Laguna Mermaid from Mirabilia

I have started a rotation that I am calling my 10 hour wind up rotation, basically 10 hours on Sunrise Laguna, 10 hours on Fallyn, 10 hours on Sunrise, 10 hours on Fallyn, 10 hours on Deep Blue Sea etc until I have my maximum amount of projects, by which time I imagine I will have a finish or two and then I will start winding up again

Here is Sunrise Laguna

I am nearly finished my 2nd round on her so I will add a new pic soon.

Here is Fallyn after I last stitched on her

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1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a plan.
Fallyn is very pretty, love her wings.

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