Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another day done....

Well another day is on the way out... don't know if this blogging is a good idea or not, it makes me think about what I have done with my day, which isn't necessarily a lot!

I got a package in the mail today from Linda at countrystitch, it contained some Toitoi fabric to stitch the freebie on and also some toitoi fabric for myself! Wow! It also contained the overdyed thread and some other threads and some metalics, kind of like a present :) I will start on that tonight and put Scent of Old Roses to the side until it is done.

Uncle Danny came around with some pamphlets for us today, I think that the kids have got a pretty good deal with him and it means I go for a walk also to supervise, the kids are splitting the money between them and to start with are saving up for Xmas and birthday presents. I think that this will be really good for them, help them to learn about work and also about spending :)

I have been checking out other peoples blogs a bit today, there are some blog lists on the ezboard sites that I go to, I don't know whether to add mine or not though, it is pretty boring, not much happening in my life LOL



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