Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another day


Very tired today. Can't understand why as for some reason Gabrielle has slept the whole night in her own bed for 2 nights now! Its really fantastic, must have been the right combination of bribery/threats LOL

I have got quite a bit stitched on Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I will post another progress picture soon. I am really enjoying stitching them. So much so that I still haven't put them down yet!

School work is going really well. This system just seems to be really clicking with the kids. I have written to Craig to let him know what we are doing. Hopefully there will be no objections......

I got a letter from Pauline today, just to say Hi and ask how Gabrielle is. Megan rang yesterday morning too, so lots of family contact :)

Dawn asked me if I would like to do a kid trade off today :) We will have turns on a Friday afternoon having each others children. I think that this will work out really well.... I sure hope so anyway :) I think that my kids will love it, I just hope that Dawns' kids will enjoy it here!

Hope everyone is well.... oh I keep forgetting... Thanks very much for your compliments on my tree Anne and Kiwijo!! I really appreciated you saying so! :)))


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