Sunday, October 16, 2005

I feel terrible!! Alas didn't do much stitching today. I have to wait for the ribbon for my needleroll to be able to do that and I couldn't work on Tarissa's pincushion as she was around :) so I hauled out an old UFO called The dolphins Domain. I am trying to spend some time on my few UFO's in this slot as well so that gave me something to do. I started The Dolphins Domain about 5 or 6 years ago, and I have tried to pick it up several times since, hopefully this time I will get it finished :)

Gabrielle is sick and so is Christian, Tarissa had sinus and I had my occasional period so life wasn't much fun in our house today, although I now know why Gabrielle was up in the night at least....

Well I am going to drag my sorry self off to bed now and read a book, hope you all had a better day :)

Anne, one really great thing about q-snaps..... you just take your project off and put your next one on :))) I am glad to hear that your beading was fine rolled in the q-snaps too! I think that needlerolls could be quite addictive :) What are you going to do with yours?


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AnneS said...

I had my beading in the scroll bars, not qsnaps - not sure if it'd work in them ... dunno? As for the needleroll - it's currently sitting pride of position at the top of my basket of pincushions ... will just keep adding to the pile :) I'm thinking of doing the 'love' ornament in the 2005 JCS Xmas ornie, and just doing it as a needleroll, not an ornament - looks cute!

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