Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My first official progress pic of

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

This is after around 20 hours. I am stitching on 32 count Belfast Custom dyed Ocean Sparkles by Country Stitch :) Linda is Fab :)

This is for Megan. I wasn't sure if she would like the fabric as she really loves black for things but I just got the word this morning that she loves it so.... FULL STEAM AHEAD LOL

My new rotation (or is that a lack of rotation?) is really working for me, I have spent 20 hours and I normally only manage 10 a week! I ma not sick of it yet either but when I am I will either move onto Scent of Old Roses (most likely) or Celtic Noel (possible) it will depend on whether I am feeling selfish or not LOL. Although I will have to put this down soon as I have some stitching work arriving soon :) That will be fun anyway.... and some freebies for doing it *big huge grin*

Anyway..... school work... our new system is working well, although it is still the first day, the kdis LOVED it! What a relief!

Christian stressed me out last night saying that he wanted to go and live with Craig for a year now that he has been back for a year but he changed him mind again this morning. It gave me a few hours of feeling stink and trying not to let him know though.

Well thats it for now :)


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