Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nearly finished

my Peace needleroll :) I just have to get some ribbon that is small enough and then stuff it and it will be done :) Yay!!! All thanks goes to Anne as when I read her post about finishing her first needleroll she pointed me in the direction of Cameoroze

I am also nearly finished the hardanger pincushion that I am making as a part of Tarissa's Christmas present. But I am having trouble getting the darn photo up so I will put it up seperate :)

We put out some pamphlets today, it was a good walk but time consuming...

I also got a Chrisco catalogue today and I have decided to order for next year. I haven't done it the last two years as I decided it was too expensive and I would just buy the Christmas club at the supermarket, but I just never have to money so don't do it. Whereas I know that I will do it with Chrisco, I will get some vouchers too so that I already have those :)

Nicky :) You came back! LOL Yes I imagine that the q-snaps would break the beads. I use a big one or else the scroll frame. If I use the q-snap and I have a bit of beading that goes underneath then I leave off 1 of the top snaps, it is still tight enough but I can move my stitching a bit :) Thats what I did with The Heir, with The Scent of Old Roses I am using a scroll frame so what I am intending to do is when I get to the rolling point I will put a piece of fabric in there as well and roll it up in that so that no threads get caught on the beads, I read this tip on the Mirabilia message board :)

Yep STINK to the pool staff, my Uncle knows the owner so is giving me the address to write to to complain, no one makes my daughter cry twice in an hour, except maybe me (just joking)

Well Gabrielle just came in....... sometimes she is soooooo good and sleeps the whole night in her bed and then others she just won't stay there and has to be with me..... I am getting really tired of the lack of sleep.... any ideas anyone?????.... let me know if you do :)

Sweet Dreams



AnneS said...

Bought a set of Qsnaps years ago, and didn't like them - just dragged them out again 'cos I'd run out of scrollbars (yup, I know I should just finish the projects off LOL), and I quite like them now. Have to admit, I use scrollbars all the time, and beaded as I went along on my Mirabilia's Waiting for Ships piece - put a white towel on top of the fabric, so when it rolled up, the beads got pushed into the towel so it had oodles of cushioning - worked great. Looking forward to seeing your needleroll finished - I've just ordered a couple more to try too :)

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

RE the sleep thing, canyou side car your bed? so she isnt actually IN your bed. EG - push a cot right up to the side of your bed but lower the side down. She's close enough but not waking you everytime she moves because she isnt on your mattress.

Thanks for the beading tips too!

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