Friday, October 07, 2005

Not much left :)

xmas tree design
Here is a pic of my not finished xmas tree window :) I have part of the outer frame backstitched but need to do all the rest of the window frame and then add the beads/lights to the tree, I am very happy with it and it looks lots better in real life, will post another pic when I am finished.

Tarissa was once again a little darling all day today! School work done promptly and without complaint. She once again finished way before the boys and then she was extremely helpful AND had a lovely attitude!!

We finished the last of the pamphlets today (bar 22 which we will do tomorrow) and I reported to Uncle Danny, he is very happy and is going to bring us some more :) He also has other things on the burner for us, so that will be good :)

It is Dad's birthday tomorrow, so I will try and get hold of him :) hopefully he will be around AND answer the phone!

Haven't heard back from the accountant re the ACC payment yet, so I will send him another e-mail tonight.

Gabrielle is still in her bed, so heres hoping for a good night sleep, so I'm off to bed now.


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Meg said...

Hi Andie :0) Your design looks great, can't wait to see it when you are finished! I am very proud of your cross stitch, you have a patience I can only wish I had :0) Love and hugs, chat soon. Meg :0)

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