Sunday, October 23, 2005


I hate my rotation at the moment! I normally stitch 10 hours on each project and work through my list, then start again at the beginning. I have Scent of Old Roses as my focus, so I stitch on her every other time. The problem is that I really get into stitching something and then I have to stop. So I am changing everything around.

I am going to unpick Waiting for Ships. Although I love the pattern and I love the fabric, they are really annoying me together! I looked on the pattern viewer and do you know what?! I really like her on pinky type fabrics. Very weird, when I first got her I thought a mermaid had to be on an ocean type colour, but now I have decided it doesn't...... am I making sense?

Anyway, this is what I am going to do.....

I have started Mermaids of the Deep Blue, this is for my sister so I needed to get it started (excuses, excuses... okay I wanted to start it too LOL)

I have Scent ofOld Roses about half way done, Butterfly - day about half way done, Celtic Noel has about 10 hours done, Waiting for Ships I'm going to unpick, then I have some little things and a couple of UFO's that I would like to get done.

So.... for awhile I am going to try a screaming rotation with no fixed time, for whichever piece I want to work on, but I will keep note of the time spent on each one, hopefully this will help me to work out how much time is the right amount of time...... I think I have lost the plot LOL

Well... I'll let you know how it goes :)


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AnneS said...

It's hard to find a rotation that works, isn't it? I'm in the process of trying to count hours for a rotation - haven't tried that before, and it seems to be going OK so far, and will fit in well with shift work, I think. I really want to get rid of some of my really old UFO's, as well as giving me time to start something new to keep myself interested. Your mermaids are looking lovely on that fabric too :)

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