Sunday, October 30, 2005

This is it :)

Rudolf you're sacked

The fabric is from Linda at Countrystitch for the next collaboration pack. My photo does NOT do it justice! It is beautiful....... I want some! *waaahhhh* LOL The picture I am stitching on it is the freebie that goes with the pack, I am not sure if it will be available to everyone else..... as I said the picture isn't the best.... I'm not a photographer :) but this will give you the general idea :)

My car wouldn't go this morning. Not even when it was jump started.... I think I need a new battery. I hope that is all as I can't even afford a new battery.... oh well. I have been really good and I haven't bought any stash for ages (well it feels like ages LOL) It helps that I have gotten fabrics for stitching and Meg bought me the pattern for Mermaids of the Deep Blue to stitch for her, alright I'll be honest I have bought the occasional thread or the odd packet of beads :)

I found an interesting board Threads you might like to have a looksee :) They seem real nice over there.

Wade has his friend Chris over for the afternoon and Christian has gone to Daniels', swap back tonight at church :) Nice bit of time out, although I don't know whether Janet thinks so with Christian there LOL


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