Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wade is home Tomorrow :)

and I can't wait :) I have missed him heaps.

I had an up and down day today... the kreniks and beading thread arrived today so that is great for working on Scent of Old Roses, which I started working on again today, and also the Mermaids of the Deep Blue pattern arrived :)

But then I got a letter from ACC from years ago when we were farming and they want over $1,000. It feels like whenever I nearly have myself sorted out, BANG, something else comes along.

Craig has been really nice though *gasp* He always confuses me, he can be really sweet and then go and be a poop, I was quite surprised that he was nice this time.....

Tarissa had Jess over again for the night and Christian continued to stay at Andys, starting to miss him now, tomorrow night all my kids will be back, that will be lovely :)

I walked to town with the girls today and bought some stitchbows and a plastic folder insert, I like the way it works so will start to convert to that system :) I won't be buying the folder though, I will just buy a normal lever arch type one, I wasn't to impressed with the quality of the DMC one.

On the way to town I was playing tag with the girls and accidentally scratched Tarissa just below her eye, felt really stink!!

Pastor Peter and Val stopped in this evening and we are being given some high stools, that will be GREAT, especially since our chairs aren't the best :)

Mum came for dinner and I made canneloni, yum yum. She is coming early in the morning to look after the girls while I go to Christchurch airport, oh yay a long drive and petrol is hugely expensive, but I get my lad home :)

Bye for now


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