Monday, October 31, 2005

What!!!??? No stitching????!!

Yep.... thats right.... absolutly NONE!! So unusual! I was busy trying to package up trades so I didn't get anything done this afternoon, and with this lovely warm evening the kids stayed up late and the boys are STILL doing the dishes. By the time they are finished it will be even later and then I will be way too tired!

But... on a good note... Uncle Vin came around and has my car battery charging up in the laundry..... He is a sweetie

Tarissa was in the shower tonight and the doors fell off and cracked and bent a bit... I am so tired of all the broken stuff here, in this house.... you would think for $200 a week the landlord would do something about this stuff... but he doesn't and houses are so hard to get here! Well 4 bedroom ones anyway..... maybe we should look for something with 3.... I dunno.... I just put in a vege garden!!

Anyway... feeling a bit down tonight... I NEED my stitching for my sanity!! *waaaaahhhhhh*


1 comment:

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

Geez for that money I'd be on his case till he fixed stuff!! If you went to 3 b/r though who would have to share??

Hang in there :)

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