Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Finished Her :)

Voluptuous Mermaid

here is my green COMPLETED fat mermaid :) Yay!! I feel so much better now LOL

I have had a couple of really horrible days! I was feeling really bad, low in energy and all so I started taking my vitamins in the hope that they would help.... they were working really well and then Gabrielle was playing in the lounge and flung around this thing of Christians, its like a key chain type thing but really big.... kind of like those ones that clip onto clothing but big and heavy.... anyway... before I could tell her to stop it hit me in the mouth! OUCH!!! I am feeling lots better now and I thank God for my Mum who helped me and helped with the kids!

Yesterday I had more stash arrive... I am bursting with excitement LOL I got from Country Stitch a fat quarter (linen of course) of Lavender Dreams!!! It is beautiful!!! I LOVE it! LOL I also got a piece of the fabric from the collaboration pack... I am thinking one of the fat mermaids may look really good on this.... I will have to do a floss toss :)

In other good news, Criag sent the cheque for the ACC payment so I have sent that away :) No more stress about that, and also the home schoolers allowance will be paid in to my account in December if I get the paperwork sent away in time.... which I am sure I will :)

So overall apart from a horrible whack in the mouth things are looking up.... now if only he would talk to me :)


AnneS said...

Sorry you've been having such a rough time of it - and sorry to hear you're getting beaten up in the home ... hope your poor mouth is recovering nicely! BTW your fat mermaid is stunning - I just love her to death ... she's so whimsical - who is the designer? She reminds me of something similar I saw in Jill Oxton's beading & XS magazine once, but not sure...

Acanthaster said...

This mermaid is so great. I would really like to add her to my collection. Who is the designer?

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