Monday, November 28, 2005

life continues.......


Anne: Glad to hear you were looking forward to the "dratteds" (LOL) I gave mine away! I just couldn't stand them anymore! *gasp*

Nic: I'll get a picture up of my kitted up next projects soon. I have just been really busy with the Trade Me stuff. Can't seem to keep up with all the work at the moment *sigh* have hardly stitched at all this week! It is great that stuff is selling though :)

We went and looked at a house today, but we weren't able to see inside so I have arranged for us to go back tomorrow and have another look, one of the rooms looked really tiny, so we will have to see if it will be okay. On the up side though is had a huge back yard and was really well fenced.

I have stitched a little bit more on my purple fat mermaid but I have only managed about 3 hours on her so far. Its ridiculous! LOL

Well thats it.... although busy, my life is boring :)



AnneS said...

Fingers crossed the house works out for you :)) I'm sure your week wasn't that boring - I call myself the Queen of Boring, especially now I live on my own ;) Thank goodness for the internet is all I can say LOL. As for me, I'll be glad when the Dratteds are winging their way back to NZ to Nelson - 'cos that'll mean they're finished! LOL.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

HC places traditionally have one small bedroom. We bought an ex-state and b/r #4 really is a glorified walk in wardrobe LOL however it fitted a cot and a dresser well, and had a built in wardrobe. If you use it for an older child (as we have now) we got one of those bunks that have a desk underneath, still had room for a dresser too.

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