Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What a messed up

few days!! Got a little bit of stitching done today but not much.....

We have been real busy with extra activities this week.

I have been trying to help my neighbour with her little boy as she is having very bad depression problems..... hopefully I am helping in some way.

One of the kittens died on Monday and Tarissa is still a mess. Meg says it must have had something wrong with it to have died that quickly..... so only 2 left now. Makes you feel a bit stink :(

I have heaps of trades lately and I feel like I am going a bit crazy, but at least the bills are getting paid.... I don't think that I have stuffed anything up yet, although there is one that I am worried about, so I will wait and see if the buyer e-mails me. I have let him know that I think I might have stuffed up, so I am sure that he will say if I have!

I have that restless feeling... you know the one I mean? where you feel like you need a new start? I think I just need a finish :) A really big one would be great but thats not going to happen for awhile... so a little one will do, my fat mermaid isn't too far off and I should have Santa's Woes finished soom too, so I might concentrate on the green fat mermaid after Santa and get that finished. Might try and frame it myself too, the warehouse has a nice range of frames in at the moment..... hmmm

Nic (edited to change the spelling) thanks for your comment about my landlord.... alas $200 is pretty normal for around here now. And Mum and I would be the ones sharing :)

Well thats it... sorry for the boring/depressing post.... hopefully it will be better next time :)



~*~Nicola~*~ said...

actually LOL I loathe being called Nicky - I'm Nic :)
oh and I think I'd smother my mum in her sleep if we had to share LOL

AnneS said...

I know what you mean about landlords/high prices ... try living in Melbourne! I thought Auckland was bad enough!! At the first place I lived in here (for 8 months) it was a hovel - and we were paying $240 a week for it ... one day the tiles fell off the shower wall - it took the landlord almost 3 weeks to come and do something about it - we ended up covering the wall up with bubblewrap from my relocation move, so we could still have a shower (no bath at that place). And don't worry about having a 'down' post - we all have them, and it helps to get it out of your system :) If you need more support, scream out! :-))

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