Monday, November 21, 2005

Wow I am zooming along

on The Scent of Old Roses! I just finished another 10 hours on her and I am STILL enjoying her so she will stay on :) Now that I have the bottom part of the dress done she is just flying along!

I have been doing a lot more stitching than I should have though :-} but I have the flu so there you go :)

It went well with housing NZ today, just have to get one thing to them and that should arrive in the mail tues or weds. It sounds like we are pretty high on the list though, fingers still crossed :)

I have started kitting up my next projects. I have the fabric for Rose of Sharon (Lavender Dreams - Country Stitch) The Teacher (Toitoi - Country Stitch) Mothers Arms (just plain) and Spring Queen (Sparkling Wisteria - Country Stitch, of course LOL) I have most of the threads and amazingly enough both The Rose of Sharon and The Teacher (my next 2 starts) don't have any beads or Krenicks so they are cheap(ish LOL) I am hoping for some threads for Xmas and I think maybe my Mum and Meg will gift me some as they both asked for a thread list, hoping, hoping, hoping LOL


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