Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We've Moved!!

Yay!! We finally got the last of our stuff out of the old house today, cleaned up and we were OUT OF THERE! Its funny cause I now am SO glad to have moved! That house was a dump and I am sure that there is rot in the walls. It smells all musty and rotten (and it wasn't us! LOL) and is all YUCK!

I hung up my Peace Needleroll today when I found it LOL. It looks really pretty but a bit lonesome... I haven't managed to get the Peace Tree finished for Isabelle so I might have to keep it and give her something else.... a box of chocolates?.....

No stitching done for quite awhile although I did put 10 or 15 mins into the Peace Tree the other night but we had no chairs and I was sitting on a mattress on the floor, so........ soon :))))

We still have things in boxes all over the place but hopefully it won't take too long to sort out, I swear this time I am going to be really ruthless with myself and get rid of STUFF. It is really hard to get rid of STUFF when you have a short time frame in which to move, I got rid of heaps but still have more.... I am a really bad hoarder and I am going to stop.... except for STASH of course, that doesn't count :)

While I was moving I received two pieces of STASH :) LOL a piece of white sparkly belfast from Linda who has some gorgeous new colours out!

I also received a trade that I had been paying off. A whole heap of Mill Hill Beads from a lady whose shop had closed down. They were really, really cheap :)

Well I am going to go and wrap a few xmas pressies now (I hate wrapping) or else I will be scragged by my children in the morning!


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Kiwi Jo said...

Congratulations on your new house! I was Kermit too!

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