Friday, February 03, 2006

I have been SO slack this year :)

Doesn't bode well does it?!! LOL

Although I do have a lot in my defense :) To start with and most importantly..... Mike asked me out! We are just going out as friends at the moment and waiting to see how it goes.... *grins* although he is going to Australia for a week soon to find out about jobs and then he will be back for 4 weeks before possibly going over there till the end of the year so that he can earn enough to have his house paid off.

I have also been helping out our neighbour over the back a bit with her kids and things. In fact I have one of them here at the moment and when she goes home she would have been here for 8 days. She is really good but there is that little bit more work and when another child is added to the dynamics it always takes awhile for everyone to sort themselves out :)

I have also been trying to organize school work for the kids for this term. I have found some good educational c.d's so we will be trying those and seeing how they go :)

Also I have spent a little time designing for Linda's next freebie..... I will start stitching that soon, so you'll get a preview :) That could be scary for you :)

Although I must also admit to a little time spent playing on the play station. I can hear you gasping in shock from here LOL

The Fat Mermaids are actually Voluptuous Mermaids from Jill Oxtens Cross Stitch and Beading Magazine.... can't remember the issue off the top of my head but its in here somewhere LOL.

Anne I think I like them for the same reason..... actually they make me feel good about myself :) I also thought that fabric would be fantastic for Waiting for Ships.... alas after 3 hours she was just disappearing into it.... so would you believe I am stitching her on Lavender Dreams? And would you believe that she is looking great so far.... but I nearly chucked her to the back of the pile..... the only reason that I didn't was for sentimental reasons. She is the reason that I started stitching again and fell in love all over again with cross-stitching.... with a vengance LOL

But all is not lost... the fabric looks fantastic for Spring Queen so I am going to stitch her on there :)

I have also started The Rose of Sharon for Tarissa's 11th birthday.... finally LOL.... so I better finish something soon :) The Scent of Old Roses isn't far from being done.

I have re-organized my rotation and I am going to stick to it too LOL I will spend 10 hours on each one, as before, but I am just going to list them and work on whichever one I want. But I have to go through the whole list before I can stitch on something a second time..... this should work for me...... LOL will try anyway, I thought that I better go back to it since I now have (well when I start Spring Queen I will have) 7 large WIP...... :) I'm bad..... but Nora is horrible.... especially with her latest release!

Nic... yes it is Linda from Countrystitch...... she is fantastic and I would highly reccommend her and her service and her fabric... but then I am biased as we have become good friends :)

Well... thats it from me.... I'll catch ya later :)


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AnneS said...

See, look what happens when I go 'away' for a while - Mike asked you out!! How wonderful for you!! :D And your WFS is looking great already :) Look forward to seeing how you find your new rotation - I'm thinking of re-doing mine again (although I haven't really touched it since Christmas hmmm). I think now Mum's gone back home I'll get back into it again and get my discipline back LOL. OK, now I'm off to read your other posts I've missed ... :)

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