Sunday, March 05, 2006


the photo is really washed out :( don't know how I always do that....?

Life has continued on, I finally got the pattern for Fun in the Sun put into a different program so now I can just e-mail it to Ginny :) Makes it much easier!!

The kids have been sick... well Tarissa had a tummy bug and Christian has been off school with a yucky cough and a temperature, but seems to be improving now :) It really suxs when you are paying to send the kids to school and they are sick LOL

I am wanting to try and get a job, that will help me sort out some of these bills that just keep on piling on top of me at the moment... so to those praying folk... please pray :)

Poor SoOR has had about 30 mins put into her!! I will be back full into stitching soon though (7 and 1/2 days) waaaahhhhhhhh :(

Bye for now... talk to you all again soon :)

But hopefully with more stitchy updates and not just life ones :)


1 comment:

AnneS said...

Your latest design is really gorgeous - love the colours! :D Sorry to hear the kids haven't been well :(

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