Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Below is a piccie

of "him who is to be blamed" for my lack of blogging and also stitching (aka Mike)

I have been stitching on Fun in the Sun for Ginny (aka Linda) for her latest freebie and I have been a bit slack and feel really bad, but she is very understanding and sweet about it...

He leaves on the 13th of March so *sob* I am a mess already!!

I met some of his family last weekend. His closest sister, Paula and her hubby and 3 lovely children. I also met his Grandma and I was shaking in my boots I tell ya!! Along the way we ran into his auntie and cousin too, so by the end of the day I felt done in LOL

I have decided to go on the pattern wagon.. don't know if this is done officially anywhere or not? I will keep getting my Fotm from countrystitch to support Ginny, and then I will just get threads, beads, etc as I need them.... unless I get paid in patterns of course LOL that is another story :) The only pattern that I will allow my self to buy is a wedding sampler one that I love and is in my Webshots album..... I want it for our wedding (LOL) as it is so us, with our joint love of God and the Jewish people and nation :) I suppose I should wait till he asks though before I go and plan the actual wedding ROFLOL

Other big news.... the kids have returned to school! They now go to the Christian school here and are loving it so far, although this is the first week :) I just couldn't cope with everything else and the homeschooling as well and I am much happier with them there :)

Gabrielle has been re-enrolled at Kindy, closer to where we now live, and they have a playday for an hour on Wednesday afternoons so nana has taken her there at the moment. I had a lovely relaxing time, lying in a bubblebath would you believe?! LOL It feels very autumny today and I guess so it should, being the first day of Autumn officially :)

Well thats about it :) I will post a pic of Fun in the Sun when it is finished and then I am going back to Scent of Old Roses (hopefully to finish her)

Hope that everyone else is well!!



~*~Nicola~*~ said...

hey stranger! things sound like they're on the up and up for you and the kids - great news!! :)

AnneS said...

How good are things at the moment for you? Yay for Andie!! :)) I've missed seeing your updates ... but glad it's for such a positive reason :)

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