Saturday, March 18, 2006

Please see

below for a picture of the Teacher this is at 10 hours!! Either she is growing really fast or my needle caught fire!??!!

Life is continuting on :) I still miss Mike a lot and cry every day... which I hate, cause I don't usually cry.... but at least I am now not crying ALL day!!

I wish he would come home... but I have to leave that up to him... which I find really hard as I am used to ordering the events around myself and being in charge LOL

Tarissa had the sleep over for her birthday last night..... 5 pre-teen slightly catty girls.... yay! NOT!! LOL At 2.30 am I came out and got them to go to sleep finally... they had woken us all several times by then.

Wade had stayed at school for a sleep over for the famine, and Christian got invited to the Barnes house for the night at the last minute, so that made it easier... 2 of the girls are staying on till tomorrow morning.... I must have lost my mind!!

Today Elle woke up and said....."I 3 now!!" and she was right.... today is her 3rd birthday... where has that time gone?!! She is having a joint afternoon tea with my cousins son today as he is 3 today too :) She enjoyed opening her presents...... my house looks like a bomb exploded in it.... with all the stuff in the girls room and the lounge from the sleepover.... Be glad it isn't your house!!! LOL

Well thats it from me.... I'm going to continue on with the teacher for awhile since she is being so nice to me :)


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AnneS said...

Are you SURE that wasn't my house you had your party in? It looks like a cyclone has been through my place too, after having guests here for the week! Spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to tidy things up a bit so it looks semi-respectable - will have to do a huge tidy-up at the weekend, though, as the sofa covers etc look shocking ... all ready for the next guests arriving next Tuesday hmmm. Sounds like you're gradually coming to terms with Mike being away ... kind of ;P At least you know it's not forever, and it will be financially beneficial for you both :) The Teacher is coming along quickly ... look forward to seeing her progress as the weeks go by :D

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