Tuesday, April 18, 2006

~~~**Happy Easter**~~~

I hope that everyone had a great long easter weekend! I had to work Saturday but had a lovely time other than that just hanging out with the kids and Mike :)

Yesterday I took Wade to the Christchurch airport to catch his flight up to see Craig in Hamilton, it always freaks me out watching that plane take off with my babies on it... I know that logically that plane isn't likely to crash........ BUT!!!

When we got home we all went around to Mikes and helped him to attack his shrubs, Mike also cut out some of his scraggly, ugly trees that were there when he bought the house years ago... we are going to replace them with something else.... we just don't know what yet :)

I haven't had much stitching time, with the long weekend.... I think I must be the opposite of everyone else LOL, in fact I only have about an hour of a start on Watergarden.... I normally get lots more done than that!!!!

This week I am going to work on Butterfly - Day and hopefully get some progress in on that, its been awhile :)



StitchCat said...

See what happens when I move to the other side of the country...I could have come over and put my pruning talents to good use in Mikes garden LOL.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

must have been the weekend for it *looks ruefully at scratches on arms, from pulling out fucshias. bet it rips your heart out to let a baby fly away :( good thing is now C gets to see how much they EAT! lol

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