Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mike's home :)


I went straight around to see him after work and got a huge hug :)

He asked to go for a drive down to the beach where he then proceeded to ask me to marry him (bad pic below)

I, of course, said "YES!!!" LOL

We aren't in a big hurry, we are gonna wait until next year..... all his family are really excited, and those of mine who I have been able to get hold of are too... we have had one person so far put a bit of a downer on it cause I have been married before, but we both believe that God is in this relationship, so I am just going to have to think of a way to be nice when people start talking like that......

Nic do you really think I need to finish some WIPS? Darn!!! LOL Not in a big hurry.... just trying to enable others LOL




StitchCat said...

Congratulations Andie....Big humongous hug from me. How did I know something like that was going to happen. Lovely ring too.
I thought something was up when Mike wanted to come home so quick. Tell him he has made an excellent choice :)

Kiwi Jo said...

Congratulations Andie - that's awesome news!!!! Mike did a great job with the ring and the proposal - sounds like he's a keeper! This is my second marriage too and it's soooo much better the second time around :) All the very best for you all for the future.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

oh! oh! oh ! ohhhhhhhhhh!!!

so pretty!! Congratulations!! Now you have to start a wedding sampler! Mwahahahaha

AnneS said...

Did you hear that noise??? That was a scream of joy from across the Tasman!!! What wonderful news - I'm so happy for you both ... I'm sat here at my PC grinning from ear to ear from such happy and awesome news!!! Way to go!!! :D

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