Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well its

the end of my L&L week so here is a photo update :) She is looking really good I think :) I am really surprised (still) at how fast this grows!

Next up is my Passione Riccamo slot, so I get another new start with Winter Beauty Princess...... can't wait to start her! I will be stitching her on Countrystitch Kiwi illusions Twilight, but on a sparkle :)

I got my FOTM on Saturday... I was lucky and got a piece of the new colour..... Feijoa... its is gorgeous!! I Love it!! Would put a picture up for you but I forgot to take one.... so next time :)

Stitchnz might be doing a scissor fob exchange... it sounds like it will be great.... I have never done an exchange though and I must admit to being worried that I won't do a good enough job of it... I will have to get started real soon.... do you normally wait to find out favourite colours etc??? Or just make a guess... or do something I like? (probably wouldn't want to give it away LOL)



AnneS said...

I think with exchanges it can be anything you want it to be ... I'm just in the middle of stitching my very first exchanges (one is where we get sent a skein of thread plus some beads from someone else, and we have to stitch them into the final exchange piece for the recipient - I'm really struggling with that one!), and the 2nd is for a biscornu/8-corner tuffet pincushion, and I have to admit I'm just finding any design that I think looks OK, as I'm not entirely 100% what my recipient's fave colours etc are (can't work it out from her blog!). I'd probably try to work out what theme/colour my giftee likes, and work around that, but there are no hard and fast rules :) Celtic Noel is looking great, BTW - I thought it'd be weeks before we saw any progress since Mike's home LOL ;P

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

you are one up on me - I dont even know what one is and I'm signing up ROFL!

StitchCat said...

Celtic Noel looks gorgeous Andie. I am sure for the scissor fob exchange, anything you stitch will be lovely :)

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