Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not much

happening here.... in fact the few blogs I read seem to be having the same problem :) I still have the flu..... Mike made me go to the doctor yesterday and I ended up with some antibiotics so hopefully I'll be feeling healthier soon :)

I just bought a new ink cartridge today so now I have printed out my pattern for the scissor fob exchange :) AND finally get stitching on it :) I was a bit worried about not having started it but now I'm all ready to go :)))

Well thats all my boring news... oops I did stitch a little on The Rose of Sharon for my Mirabilia slot as I couldn't start the scissor fob, but didn't get much done cause I felt so crap and couldn't concentrate.........

Also I chose the pattern and fabric for my bridesmaid dresses, and I have the dressmaker booked for that. I have an appointment with her on Thurday afternoon and from there I will decide whether I am going to buy my dress or have it made....???


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StitchCat said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Andie :)

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