Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hi friends :)

Thanks for your lovely comments and kind advice to me during my melt down. I really appreciate it! Things are smoothing out a bit now and I am feeling much better......... I really LOVE these HAED designs :) Anne you better watch out, your gonna get hooked LOL

I don't have much to share really, I have set some general goals, which include time to stitch and I am coping much better!


1 comment:

AnneS said...

Your Tacky Bob is finally on its way to you via our wonderful Australia Post, so it should arrive in about 3 weeks teehee ... nah, usually it should be there within the week - it's only small, but hopefully it will cheer you up :) As for the HAED's, I'm not a huge over-one fan, so I know it's no point falling in love with any of their designs ... much better steering clear, and admiring Nicki's and Kerry's ;P

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