Friday, June 09, 2006

Well I have

been keeping an eye on HAED since Michelle started it, or about that long anyway :) I have finally decided that the charts will be worth investing in. I was a bit unsure, since there were so many patterns out so quickly and no finished stitching, and I don't mean the quick stitch ones. But with the advance I have seen recently in WIPs I am very impressed. Below are the 4 patterns that I would like to get with my favourite being Eternal Promise.......... I will have to wait until I am a bit more financial before purchasing, but I am quite happy now that I have decided :)

I am still stitching for Ginny at the moment. Will post when it is finished and then go back to Rose of Sharon. I am also knitting a cardy for Elle and I'll put up a picture when I have finished that too :)

Bye for now


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