Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What do you think?

Of the new look? I came across this and it tickled my fancy and gave me a giggle so I thought I would use it :) I like it a lot :)

I went shopping today and spent the gift vouchers that Mike gave me for my birthday, Farmers has a red dot sale on so I got heaps more than I would have been able to otherwise! I have also gone down a dress size and I am now in a size 12 so that made shopping great fun instead of depressing! Makes it feel like I am going to be a good size for my wedding dress :))) Yay!

I got some bad news today about a friend, she needs any prayers that you have spare.... I don't want to say much but it has to do with pink ribbons, if you are the praying kind then please pray for her!!

I have made my Mum a blog, will add her onto my sidebar soon :)

Hope everyone is well!!



AnneS said...

Haha, I love the new blog header - what a crack up! Your framing looks great too :D

Kerry said...

Oh, very cute. I love it.

StitchCat said...

Oh Andie, this is so cute. I had been to that site a while ago and saw the birds and thought I would like them, because they are so hillarious, but I wasnt sure how to introduce them onto my blog. But it is good you have them, so now I can still look at them.


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