Sunday, July 02, 2006

I am so Impressed

with this months issue of Latest Issue - The Gift of Stitching that I am going to start advertising it! There are so mnay fabulous patterns to stitch this month!! I actually am going to stitch them!!! Usually if I buy a magazine I don't stitch much from it..... except for the JCS xmas mag and the issue of Jill Oxten's xstitch and beading........ if Kirsten keeps this up I'll be in trouble with all the stitching I will NEED to do! LOL




AnneS said...

Have to admit, this is the first issue I'm definitely keen to stitch a couple of things - the acorn etui and the mystery sampler ... yummo :D

Carol said...

I totally agree - it is a great issue! I just adore that Acorn Etui!! The article on Sampler Girl is wonderful too :-)

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