Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I've been sick

I've had the flu and it's not been very nice!!

I've also been working extra hours which would have been great except I felt so rotten! :-~~

I have finished my slot on Celtic Noel but...... my batteries went flat and I can't find my charger.... bummer.......

But I have invested in my first HAED chart...... I bought Ice Wind 1 and it is very pretty! I have ordered the fabric..... plain fabric is a lot cheaper than hand dyed isn't it?!! LOL

I can't wait to start and see if it is as nice as the chart picture, so then I have to work out..... 1 strand or 2 over 1???? LOL something new :)

I have nearly finished Elle's cardie, just a band and a half to go and the lacy trim around the sleeve edges, should be done pretty soon :)

I have done a little on Tarissa's jacket but trying to concentrate on Elle's and then move on.... 1 big knitting project at a time :) WIP's for knitting don't work to well, they grow out of them before you finish them..... does this sound like I have done it before? LOL I also have some sock yarn and a pattern to try when I get the chance :) Looking forward to trying them :)

Well thats it from me



1 comment:

AnneS said...

Sorry to hear you've been crook - that's never any fun :) Look forward to seeing you start your first HAED - and your decision on over 1 or 2 ;)

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