Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well I dunno if I

Like this new blogger or not.... I am sure once the kinks are worked out it will be better.... I really enjoyed setting up my page and adding photos to the side bar was so much easier! But trying to add photos to a post is a PAIN I had to upload from here...... I also have to sign in EVERYTIME it doesn't keep me logged in..... I also changed my profile picture to the one on the left :) But it keeps on swapping back and forth between this my old one and one of Mike that I was going to put on there but decided against......... hmmmm

Anyway onto the picture.... this was taken at the end of March. I have borrowed Mikes scanner to scan them into the computer so that is why you are only seeing it now :) I have another just of Elle, will put it below *fingers crossed*

They are really cute photos :)

Cool it worked! LOL Not going to try and move them though :)

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