Monday, September 11, 2006

I cheated...

I joined up to the needleroll stitch a long with Katrina and others..... but alas, I didn't end up with a pattern, so I went searching through my stash and found this, half stitched,

so I finished it up and now I just have to make it up :)

Not ideal but better than missing out on stitching along :)
Peace Tree - M Designs
2004 JCS Ornie mag
Stitched on Kiwi Pearl from Countrystitch with DMC Variegated thread, Mill Hill beads and a cheap blue start from the sewing shop :)
Hopefully I will get this made up soon!
Thanks also Katrina for the fantastic thread! I got to use it and I L O V E it!!
In other news, Mike is away in Christchurch for work again this week :( But I will get a fair bit of stitching done! I have also nearly finished 10 hours on The Rose of Sharon (thats what happens when you have a sore foot and sit around all day LOL) But since I still have a few days to go I will put in some extra time :)
I have a bootiee half done, and some on my sock, so once the bootiees are done I will work on Tarissa's jacket :)
Still haven't received my BOTM but if it doesn't arrive soon I will make one of Katrina's bags instead, I think I will steal her idea and make some as xmas pressies for the rellies :) Going to have gained a few by xmas time :)
Yesterday we went to my niece to be's 5th birthday party, Shania and Gabrielle love each other a lot, the kids had a wonderful time and it was so lovely and relaxing! :)
Well thats it

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Kathy said...

Hi Andie

Wow that is lovely. Look forward to seeing it made up.

Hugs xxxx

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