Friday, September 15, 2006

Rose of Sharon Picture

Here is my progress on Rose of Sharon, this is 60 hours, amazing what you get done when you hurt your foot and can't do much and your beloved is away eh?!

I am sick of my rotation, now how bad is that? I really, really, want to get this and Celtic Noel done and out of the way, but then I still have Mermaids of the Deep, Butterfly - Day and then to start Celtic Summer for my niece, which needs to be done by July..... maybe I shoud go back to a 1 at a time rotation? I have seen other peoples work and they seem to get a LOT done working on 1...... but then which would I do? Could I cope with the boredom? Maybe have 2 and just swap between them when I am sick of 1? I dunno, maybe this is just a symptom of my upset over Joy? I think I need a new start? LOL at myself.

Also here is a picture of my countrystitch rainbow club. I haven't posted one of these for ages, I

was just getting ornament cuts for awhile, but have now gone back to fat quarters, this is Wildrose, 32 Count Belfast, my favourite.
Gabrielle is sick, she has tonsillitis, poor wee thing, she always seems to have something, but at least she is happy to lie on the couch and watch movies.
Mike will be home tomorrow afternoon, I can't wait! I need a hug... It is Wade's sleep over tomorrow night, his birthday is on Monday, but as he wanted a sleep over it had to be Saturday (I work friday night)
Well no more news (thats gotta be good right?!)


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

She looks stunning, Andie. You are making good progress on her! Hope your leg feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

ROS looks great - sorry to hear about your foot, but there's always the positive side that you can get more stitching done :) BTW, I seem to remember you liked using the DMC Gold Concept plastic thingos (great description, huh?) ... I've got some sitting around unused now I use Floss-away bags, and wondered if you wanted them? If so, drop me a quick line and I'll get them in the mail for you :) Hope your foot heals soon, and you get your rotation woes sorted out :D (Anne-Feather Stitching)

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