Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stab and Stash

If you haven't heard of Stab and Stash then check them out they have beautiful hand dyed fabbie, also they have a forum with a monthly competition to win some fabric go here and sign up!! I have entered a name in the competition so if you want to vote for me please do, my suggestion was Angel Dreams I would appreciate the votes :)

On to my sad news......

Doesn't life just SUX sometimes?

A very dear friend of mine and Mikes was rushed to hospital yesterday and then diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they were going to operate last night but after checking the scans decided against it and have told her that she is terminal and there is nothing that they can do for her.....

I am sooooo sad! Joy is such a lovely sweet lady, I don't know what we are going to do without her! She has been like another mother to Mike and they prayed for him for years that God would send a wife for him, we so want her to be at our wedding.

If you believe would you please add your prayers to ours for her?!

Thank you ever so much!!


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