Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What a week!

My week has been really busy! Sadly no stitching, but lots done anyway! To start with on Tuesday I looked after Josh AND his little brother Jacob, from 7am until 5.30pm, Jacob wanted his mama and spent most of the day crying or being really clingy, I also looked after 3 of my cousins children for the afternoon, I am sure it looked like a daycare centre LOL

Wednesday I got my grocery shopping done since I didn't have time on Tuesday, then got some (boring) housework done. Then workin the evening

Thursday I had Josh again, Gabrielle had kindy, I started printing out wedding invitations, I still have a few to do, but they should all be done real soon. Mum got her flat :) She is so excited.

Friday, the packing and the start of the move for mum, helped as much as I could before work, also needed to pack Wade's bags for his trip to see his Dad on Saturday, went to work. Came home finished organizing Wade for his flight tomorrow.

Saturday, work and then home to help mum some more, family night too.

Sunday, didn't go to church, finished helping pack and sort out Mums things, then shared family lunch with Aunties uncles, cousins and kids, Mike and Chris packed mums stuff onto a trailer and 3 loads later she is moved in! Went to night church, Elle lost the plot near the end and packed a major tanty so home we went (fast LOL)

Monday, Mike and I spent our first whole day alone without any children, Mum looked after Elle for us, and Tarissa and Christian went to the CCC camp (with the help of my lovely mum who took them out there)

Mike and I had a lovely day! We drove down to Oamaru which I absolutly LOVE, It is a beautiful historic town and has a NEEDLECRAFT shop!! I was in heaven!! It wasn't that big, but it had more than I have ever seen before! The sales assistant came up to me at one point and said "Are you alright? You look a bit bewildered" LOL I will be going back!! Also not to far away from that shop was a fabric shop with heaps of patchwork fabric...... be going there again too!! LOL We then travelled down to Moeraki to see the Moeraki Boulders, it is beautiful there and I would love to retire there! :)

Well thats it :)




Anonymous said...

Wow Andie - you have alot of energy girl!! I felt tired just reading all that LOL!

Sorry I havent been able to leave a comment sooner, but Ive only just got my pc back :) Would love to see what your Wedding invitation looks like too! Can you put up a pic?

StitchCat said...

I love Oamaru too...and really want to move there. I adore going into Edie Watts (the needlecraft store) and I always go into the sewing/fabric store too :)

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