Monday, October 30, 2006

After much

discussion with Mike I have decided to use this piece of fabric for a mermaid, which he agreed would look lovely on there, before that he was saying horrible things about my stash acquisition!! *gasp!* *shock* *stunned horror!!* I have ordered the new Mirabilia Mermaid, she might work on there and if she doesn't.......... I have tons of other Mermie patterns :) LOL

So I am now going to stitch July's Amethyst Fairy on a piece of CS Taupo, which Mike likes her better on.......... and since he has to look at her too I suppose that is okay LOL He really felt the other was too watery looking for my fairy!!! Not gonna ask his opinion about these things again!! Okay who am I kidding!! I just can't help myself!! LOL I always ask him or Mum :)

So I will have to start a mermaid soon as well LOL..... gosh all these new starts and here I was promising to get some finishes before I even considered starting something new LOL



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