Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stitch a long anyone?.....

Well I am thinking that it might be fun to do a stitch a long with some one/ones LOL Just one day a week or even a month?

These are the next few things that I would like to start.......

July's Amethyst Fairy - Mirabilia
Three for Tea - Mirabilia
Fairy Grandmother - L&L
Celtic Summer - L&L
Ice Wind 1 or 2 - HAED
Noah's Sub - Stony Creek

I have a few other patterns also.... so if anyone is interested? I would be willing to consider something else?

Hope someone wants to :)



AnneS said...

I'm tempted to SAL with you, but with my shifts it's really hard to stick to a set timetable for stitching. Hopefully you'll find someone to SAL with you :D

sugardoll said...

My! Andie you have so many things in mind, they are all great designs! I hope you can find some1 to SAL! How about you BAL (baby sit along) with me LOL. My baby had taken longer & more steps since early this week and my he's unstoppable!!! It's fun to watch, looked like frankenstein when he's walking LOL. Have a great day!!

J said...

Ooooh Andie. SAL sounds fun. I don't have any of those patterns though. The closest I could come to one would the a Tso SAL. My friend and I are planning that for next year, she'll be stitching Ice Wind 2 and I'll be doing either At First Sight or Lilie.

Some of us are doing a Phoenix Rising SAL or any Ravenscraft would work. How does that sound to you?

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