Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wow things

are sure happening now!

Yesterday we went to the dressmaker and got things started there :) It was quite fun actually, then Tarissa and I both went and got our ears pierced, Tarissa cried and I felt really bad... but she really wanted to do it.... I asked her heaps of times if she was sure and she kept on saying yes....

Today Mike and I went and chose our wedding rings, it was a lot of fun.... but man are they expensive!!

I got called in to work early today, there was a big recall of an egg product so we had to re-bake everything that had been made with that product...... fun fun fun :)

I am working on Mermaids of the Deep Blue at the moment, my inbetween piece for when the others are driving me nuts :)

Post a picture soon :)


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