Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well we still have no broadband :(

But here were my goals for 2006

To finish(unless finished in '05)
The Scent of Old Roses yes
Butterfly - Day no
Celtic Noel no
Mermaids of the Deep Blue no
To start and finish by March ‘07
The Rose of Sharon for Tarissa’s 11th birthday started, working on exclusively except fot Tuesday stitch a long
To start:Watergarden yes
Blue Celtic Noel no
Spring Queen yes
The Teacher yes
3 other coloured voluptuous Mermaids started a red one
To stitch some ornaments or cards for friends and family for xmas ‘06 haha nope

Goals for 2007

Finish Rose of Sharon by March for Tarissa's birthday
Finish Celtic Noel
Finish The Teacher
Finish Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Butterfly Day
Continue to stitch a long with Kristin on Celtic Summer
Start a new rotation, A focus for 3 days and 3 other pieces for 3 days, little things on the 7th day if I have time

I really want to get some finishes so I am setting a limit for myself, I can only start a new piece when I have finished 2 that have already been started.

So my to finish goals are still the same pretty much lol this year huh?!!


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