Monday, April 16, 2007

Where did the week go?!!

I truly meant to take a picture of mermaids of the Deep Blue and post it last week, but the week ran away on me!

Wednesday was spent organizing the kids for CCC camp and getting them there and then doing my pamphlet run so that Mike and I could get away first thing on Thursday morning.

We went for a little holiday, which Gabrielle funnily called our honeymoon LOL, to a little place called Hampden.

We stayed in a friends caravan that was very reminiscent of the 70's from its orange outside paintjob to its green paisley type cushion covers LOL the weather was terrible it rained and was windy (very) but we had a lovely time. Our time was spent sitting on/in bed and Mike read and I stitched. As I had limited packing space I didn't take any of my usual projects so none of them have been worked on at all (sorry Kristen) I did start a little gift for my niece's birthday (which I am very late for) still not finished but anyway......... :)

I will leave you with a couple of photos of our stay away and will post a few stitching pics later today (if I get the chance, all but one kid home now and it is still school holidays!)

Or maybe not since blogger is being a pain once again and not uploading my photos....... maybe I will revisit word press hmmmmmmm going to have another look now, this is driving me nuts!!



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