Monday, September 24, 2007

Finished Winter Fae

Stitched on 32 count Belafst Feijoa from Countrystitch.

I changed a few things, I used the DMC conversion from the Mira BB, used krenick instead of whisper (nasty stuff!!) and gave her icy breath to make snow with :)

I don't think it shows up that well in the picture, my monitor is acting up again so I am not sure.

Hope you are all good!




Mel said...

Looks great!
Besides the DMC conversion and the icy breath, have you done something different with her? I hate that whisper stuff to. Shocking stuff to work with

sugardoll said...

Congratulations! She looks so cute and adorable!

Anonymous said...

She's lovely - I actually like your version better than the original!

Anonymous said...

She is lovely Andie. I love your version too. I have her in my stash to do. She shows up just great when you click on the photo - in fact it's a great photo. Usually it's so hard to get sparkles and beads to show up but you've picked up both in that photo.

Joei said...

It's beautifully done, congrats!!!

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